Our Ministers

Bishop Ervin Smith

Bishop Smith accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour in 1950 at the Church of God In Jamaica during a crusade held in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica WI. Even though he was raised in a Christian family and he regularly attended church at the time he was saved, God used Reverend Isaac Smithís simple but powerful salvation message to penetrate his heart with Godís love and truth. His life has never been the same since!

Bishop Smith was married 1958 to the late Reverend Mable Smith for 45 glorious years. God blessed them with a wonderful daughter Ann who now resides in the United States. Bishop Smith because of his love for youth has also been responsible for the care and nurture of several other god-children and spiritual children.

As a young Christian Brother Ervin Smithís love for the LORD and sincere passion for his work quickly propelled him to assuming the leadership of the Churchís youth ministry. He migrated to the United Kingdom in 1955, settled in South West London and later joined the fellowship of the United Pentecostal Faith Church of God of All Nations.

His first ministerial appointment was to the office of Deacon then he was ordained as Pastor of the Bedford Road fellowship which the Lord led him and the late Reverend Mabel Smith to have started in 1970. He was later consecrated to the office of Bishop.

Bishop Smith has been on various mission trips around the world and witness Godís amazing love and power change peopleís lives. He has over the years remained steadfast in his commitment to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and the development of his local community. He has won the respect of all he worked with both in the church and wider community and has represented the body of Pentecostal Churches in London on various forums and television programs. He founded the North Clapham Senior Citizen Social Club in 1980, Chair the Brixton Citizens Association, served as the UKís first Lay Visitor to the Lambeth - Metropolitan Police Service, School Governor, and member of the CCRL committee.

Bishop Smith has been challenged throughout his life, but those circumstances have made him stronger in the Lord and provoked a deep passion to evoke the presence of the Lord through the vehicle of praise, worship and service to fellow men.

Bishop Smith is currently supported by Rev. Dwayne Simpson, who serves as Host Minister of the church's headquarters at 15 Bedford Road, along with associate ministers Rev. Hadassa Harrison, Rev. Marva Goodridge and Rev. Davidson.

-To God Be the Glory!